Our personalized services are all handcrafted and aligned with each client’s needs and goals.
We build real, human relationships based on trust and understanding.

Our guarantee to you:

  • Our work is customized just for you, your goals, and the audience you want to reach. This means that each project is created for you and you own the copyright to that completed work.
  • You will receive a modern website that is secure and free of bugs. We perform live testing of your new site on our staging server before launch.
  • We’re available for technical support whenever you need us. We don’t leave our clients hanging or deliver incomplete work. We develop long-term relationships with all of our clients.
  • Communication is our priority and we ensure that you’re never left wondering about your project. If you have a question at any time, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are always available to answer questions about your project.
  • Our goals are your goals. We want your business to succeed and we will utilize our experience and knowledge to do everything we can to meet the goals that are set at the beginning of the project. We will also stand by you as a trusted partner with an on-going relationship to manage your website.

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(Scheduled to start from Sep. 2022)


WEB コンサルティングサービス

We work with you to establish your business strategy, planning and problem solving.
These topics include designing a business model or marketing plan and determining
which web techniques to use and how to use them.
We help you to plan and implement a website strategy, give technical advice, teach maintenance skills
and assist you with brainstorming practical methods to increase strategic thinking.


WEB デザイン・制作サービス

We design and develop custom websites just for you, your goals, and the audience you want to reach.


We setup content management systems based on your specific needs. Content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal provide you with a flexible and reliable website. With these platforms we can integrate blogging tools, contact email forms, event calendars, bbs forums and more. We also develop custom themes and templates as well as custom plugins based on the requirements for your website.


We offer package based e-commerce solutions such as WooCommerce, CS Cart, Magento, Shopify, EC-CUBE, etc. We integrate product management, order management, user management and payment gateway connections with customized templates and plugins.


We develop tailored web applications for BtoB, BtoC, CtoC interactions and internal operations by using the latest innovative technology. Our application works on popular frameworks including PHP and Ruby on Rails via PC and major mobile browsers.


We create Banners, Logos, Infographics and more! These assets will help your business to spread your message to prospective clients. We also create posters, brochures, flyers, business cards and offer various printing on paper.


WEB マネージドメント

We publish your website with our dedicated support team to ensure it is fully maintained and secure.


We offer web hosting services to our clients that are secure and reliable. We use dedicated VPS servers on Amazon Web Services and major service providers in the USA and Japan. We also integrate SSL Certificates (https) on our server and assist you with any domain configuration you might need.


We archive all files and databases of your website on a monthly basis and store several generations of backups on and off site. If your website becomes compromised or shows any signs of poor performance, we can restore a backup that was done prior to the issue taking place.


We do routine maintenance and updates of all application software to fix security vulnerabilities and bugs. Before making these updates, we check compatibility on our staging server and optimize any settings and program code that best suits your website.


We can optimize the design and features of your website and also update your content such as text, images, movies, etc.


We follow the latest trends in organic search optimization to ensure your website maintains a high page rank on search engines. To ensure you get the best possible results, we provide you with an audit of your website and perform keyword research within your niche. Then propose an action plan to optimize for search engines. We also analyze site traffic and behaviour and provide monthly reports of any activity.


We provide setup and maintenance of Pay Per Click advertising campaigns within your budget on sites like Google and Yahoo!. Your Ads are embedded into blogs, on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and even videos on applications like YouTube or Vimeo.