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glove Japan LLC(hereinafter referred to as the “We”) stipulates a Privacy Policy in order to respect the protection of the privacy of users.

1.Basic premise
We respects protection of user privacy in operating the website of ‘’ (hereinafter referred to as the “Our Site”). Personal information that users of the Our Site provided will be handled appropriately in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
2.Scope of information acquisition
2.1.We automatically collect and store Internet domain names, IP addresses, and other information about access to the Our Site with “Google Analytics”. Any personal information is not covered by the cookies.
2.2.At the e-mail form in “Inquiry” page, we ask users to fill in the “E-mail Address”, “Company / Organization”, “Name”, “Phone”, “Subject” and “Message” section.
3.Purposes of use
3.1.The information acquired in 2.1 will be used as a reference for the appropriate and smooth operation of the service provided by the Our Site.
3.2.The information acquired in 2.2 will be used when responding or making confirmation on the inquiries.
4.Limitations on use and provision
We except in cases of legal disclosure requests, cases of illegal access, threats and other unlawful acts or other special reasons, the information acquired will not be used by ourselves for any purposes other than those described in 3., nor will it be provided to any third party.
5.Measures to ensure security
We are taking measures necessary to manage the acquired information gleaned appropriately to prevent the leakage, loss or destruction of acquired information.
6.Scope of application
This privacy policy applies only to the Our Site. For further information such as the privacy policy of “Google Analytics” and social networking services used by Our Site, please refer to the individual policies.


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