Web Design & Development Process

We introduce our basic process based on custom web design and development.
If you’d like to sign on for additional services
(such as graphic design, application programing, etc.),
these will be implemented during different phases based on your request.



We want to know all about you! Your website is unique.
The first step is always to get to know your story, so that we understand your goals and your target audience. We also research as much relevant information as possible.



We create your site map, which shows a list of pages of your website and relationships between them, typically hierarchical. We also identify features which your website requires to fulfill your goal(such as contents management, online shopping, mail magazine, etc.).



We create wireframes of major pages, which are layed out the web elements (such as text blocks, images / movies, input box, button, etc.), covering all the functionalities. Basically they should be easy for the target audience to navigate and interact on the website based on UX and UI principals and look great on Phone, iPad, and major mobile device with responsive design.



We create mockup (PDF) or prototype (WEB) with colors, typography, decoration, etc, based on a visual identity. Target audience is one of the key factors taken into consideration. We also define functional specifications to implement features.
This is a collaboration, so we know what you think and have your feedback during this process.



Once you’ve signed off on website design and functional specifications, it’s time to build!
We install application software and implement all functionalities based on functional specifications. And then we translate website design to actual codes and files. Finally we’ll collate your contents, such as text and images /movies and lay out on them.



We deploy developed website to public server and perform final tests, such as usability test, functionality test, compatibility test, performance test, etc. .
On your final approval, we set your website live for the world.



We maintenance to ensure that your website works well and keep update to prevent from bugs and decrease security risks. We also register your website at Google Analytics to identify current trends and behaviors.